This page highlights recent recommendations Jillian has received regarding her work as a choreographer and teaching artist. 

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Choreographer Recommendations


Stephen Fredericks | Executive Director at The Growing Stage

"Jillian is a wonderful emerging artist and director in dance and choreography. She is collaborative in her approach to creating for the stage - working well with fellow directors, designers and performers to produce an imaginative, cohesive piece of theatre."

Chantal Legros | Executive Director at Legros Cultural Arts in NYC

"Jillian is a talented choreographer who is passionate about Dance. It has been a pleasure to work with Jillian and most importantly enjoy her work."

David Spellman | Member of Actor's Equity Association

"Jillian is a great choreographer with a fresh eye towards musical movement. Jillian is a pleasure to work with and makes you feel comfortable regardless of your skill level."

William Sandoval | Equity Member Candidate

"Jillian is a very talented choreographer. I enjoyed working with her and was very impressed with her ability to create art through dance. Her knowledge, taste, and talent helped make our production really stand out!"

Voice, Acting, & Dance Instruction Recommendations


Analisa | Private Voice Student

From my high school music director, “Sometimes kids take voice lessons, but it really isn’t noticeable. But with you, I have seen so much improvement in such a short amount of time, your voice teacher is doing an awesome job! They need more teachers like her.” Jillian is a great person and a great teacher, and I’ve learned so much about healthy singing from her!

Valerie Harman | Owner of Art of Dance

"Jillian is a pleasure to have on my faculty. She is a great dance teacher for our pre-school and young dancer program. The kids adore her and she is great with educating while making the classes fun. She is a fantastic voice teacher and teaches movement while creating great singers."

Mary | Mother of Private Acting Student

Jillian coached my son privately throughout his college audition process. He was more prepared and confident than I had ever seen him before! The hard work payed off, he was accepted into his dream school's musical theatre program and we couldn't have done it without her instruction! 

High School Music Teacher*

Most of the time my students tell me they are taking voice lessons and I don't witness any significant improvements throughout the year. [Student's Name Confidential] has been taking lessons with Jillian, and her growth has been undeniable. 

*names and school kept confidential