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Hi everyone,

Thank you for stopping by to visit! 

I have been an avid play reader since I was a little girl (thanks, Mom!) This year has been jam-packed, so I made the personal goal to read at least one play a month. 

This sparked an idea. 

We are all  busy and on occasion, we may forget to carve out time for our own creative development. I wanted to cultivate a group where we can explore on our own time while coming together to stimulate one another intellectually and creatively. 

So naturally I made a BOOK CLUB. 

Check back each month!

At the beginning of each month I will be introducing a new play to the club. Below is a list of the next few months' titles so that you busy-bees can plan ahead! 

At the end of each month we will meet online to discuss the play. (Details coming soon.) I am genuinely looking forward to hearing from you all! Feel free to participate at your own comfort level. I will post the discussions online for those that are busy at the time of the live event.   

I hope this club inspires you to celebrate and create art. 

Xo Jillian

This month's Play

June 2018


Twelfth Night, or What You Will

William Shakespeare

Seeing as we are already half way through June, I thought it best to start with a familiar title that will be easy for everyone to locate. Twelfth Night was written in the early 1600s by William Shakespeare. Although the literal reference of the title may be lost on modern Americans, it was in reference to Epiphany Eve - a celebration at the end of the Christmas season. While many things are up for dispute when it comes to Shakespeare, the majority of critics agree that this play celebrates the spirit of England's Twelfth Night festivities. 

A shipwreck, disguise, love, comedy - a perfect read to kick off the summer! 

Twelfth Night was my favorite of Shakespeare's plays when I was in 7th grade. I vividly remember laying down in the middle of my school library and reading this play at least 30 times that year. While I have seen it since then, I haven't read it in years. Since I am revisiting this play, I am curious to see what I overlooked in the past and how my opinion has shifted or developed.

I am looking forward to hearing your thoughts on Shakespeare's Twelfth Night, it's plot, characters, cultural relevancy, history, and your creative ideas that developed from this reading. 

Play reading book club

July 2018



Tom Stoppard

August 2018


Private Lives

Noël Coward

September 2018


The Underpants

Steve Martin

October 2018



Bryony Lavery

November 2018


Grown Ups

Jules Feiffer

December 2018


In The Blood

Suzan-Lori Parks